Alma Mater

I'm such a nerd. I love back to school time. I enjoy the fresh isles at the stores in red, blue and yellow. I love the wide array of pens, notebooks and organizational systems. Nothing like starting with a clean dry-erase board!

I've been meaning to take some photographs at my alma mater. I wanted to get up there before classes start and the throngs of new students show up. So I decided today was the day! I took two (or three) hours and wandered around the ISU campus. It was big fun for me.

Beardshear Hall.

The arches at the old dorms... can't think of their names right now.

The Camponile of course.

Curtiss Hall.

The new Gerdin Business building.

The Memorial Union.

Oak Elm dorm.

Sir Lancelot and Elaine.

And last but not least - my home away from home freshman year. Wilson Hall.

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Nothing says summer like a good ole Iowa thunderstorm. Last week these really incredible clouds floated by without a single drop of rain. Very odd. I spotted this in my rear-view mirror while driving home.

This happens to me a lot. A photo pops into my head randomly while I'm at the grocery store or walking down the sidewalk. Rarely am I able to do anything about it. Correction: I'm usually fully able, I'm just in too much of a hurry to stop for a few minutes. Lesson learned... it's sooo worth it!

I promise myself not to let any more of these life imposed photo ops pass me by! Happy Wednesday.


Fire Department Fundraiser

The Fire Department had an open house and bbq fundraiser over the weekend. They asked me to take a few pictures for them. As if I wasn't planning on it already.
Thanks to the generosity of the local community the night was a success. All of the money raised will go toward building a new fire station. It's a lofty goal, one that may take a couple years, but one that is long over due.
Here is just a handful of photos from Saturday.


Thirty-one today

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Ryan.
Happy Birthday to YOU!

I love you, hon.


Pure awesomeness

This YouTube video of a wedding entrance to "Forever, Yeah Forever" has been all over... and back! In the off chance you haven't seen it yet, check it out. It's hilarious. I love the tall guy that does the "wax on, wax off" move the whole way down the isle. Cracks me up! They win the best bridal party award of the year.


Where in the world...

Hello Brazil!

I used to post regularly when Google analytics tracked a hit on Tracy Anne Photography from a new state or country. I'm sure none of you really care. Mostly it was just because I was so excited. I know, it's a little odd. But seeing that little map makes you all real. It's comforting to know I'm not crazy. There really are people out there who read this 'lil blog.

When Palotas, Brazil popped up on my little mini-map of the world I thought I'd do another run down.

New U.S. States:
Oregon, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Virgina, Idaho, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida. I think that's it for now. By my count, I'm 15-20 shy of all 50 states.

New Countries:
Taiwan, the Philippines, and now Brazil.

Hmmm... I should put together a list of the states I need to hit yet so you guys can help me get to all 50. Might have to work on that.

Happy day before TGIF day!


Fire and food

Last night our fire department had the opportunity to burn down an old barn for training purposes. They managed to have a lot of fun while learning a few things. The "probie" (a.k.a. the newest recruit) ended up in the water. Nothing says "welcome to the department" like getting doused in full turn-out gear.

Our local fire department is growing, to the point where they need a new fire station. So this Saturday, July 25 from 4-8 pm they're having a BBQ fundraiser and all proceeds will go toward the fire station fund. Great food. Plans for the new station. Tours of the fire trucks. Did I mention really, really good food?


The Hulsebus': Family moments

I was a little nervous Saturday morning. But Jeriann Ritter said there would be no rain, so the Hulsebus' and I took off to Ames. Their son Canon will turn one year old next month. First year photos are big time stuff. They've been friends of ours for years, and I was so excited when they asked me to document their son's major milestone.

Jason grew up in Ames and spent many summer days playing in this park - on this very fire truck.

Oooh, those eyes. So stinkin adorable.

I think this one might be my favorite from the session...

Ryan and I knew Jason and Stefany before they were JasonandStefany. Matter of fact, I think their first "date" was hanging out at my apartment.

Thanks so much guys. I had a fantastic time traipsing around the park with you.


Ms. Wheelchair Iowa

Last Thursday and Friday I spent the day with my friend Angie, who is Ms. Wheelchair Iowa. It's not the first time I've tagged along with her. The day started out at the Iowa State University Memorial Union for a mentor luncheon with the Youth Leadership Forum, a week-long camp for kids with disabilities.

The reigning queen with the 2008 Ms. Wheelchair Iowa.

Afterward we were off to the Easter Seals annual Regatta. Not sailboats mind you - paddle boats. The celebration kicked off with "christening" the boats with silly string.

Former Governor Robert Ray and his wife Billie were on hand for the regatta also.

The second day we were back at Iowa State for the Youth Leadership Forum in Ames. Since it was the last day for the delegates it was a very emotional day. There were lots of smiles, hugs, and laughter. It was so great to hear how much fun these kids had at camp all week.

Angie has been working with the guys at inclusion=solutions to create a call system at gas stations for those with disabilities called FuelCall. With the push of a button a gas station attendant will come out and assist with pumping gas. The first one has been installed at the Hy-Vee gas station in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

I had so much fun with Angie those two days. More than she'll ever realize. Good luck next month at the Ms. Wheelchair America competition Ang!



I've been missing for a few days. But only because I've been busy too photographing to post. A good problem to have. Spent two days playing paparazzi for Ms. Wheelchair Iowa -my friend Angie. Photos soon!

This morning I'm off to photograph our very good friends. Their son turns one year old next month so we're off to the gorgeous Iowa State campus for a few photos.

Oh happy day!


The Stone's: Wedding moments

I can't figure out how to manipulate the html to get the slide show to appear on my blog. Click "view all images" and you can view it from photobucket's site.

Love. Two consonants and two vowels. Put them together and they make all the difference. Julie and Scott’s love story is much the same as anyone else’s. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Except this story – their story – is different. Why? Because life is all about second chances. And opportunities to live richly.

Julie and Scott met at TGI Fridays. Scott felt it with the first hug. Julie was wooed by the heated seats of his Subaru. When Scott’s life took him to Waterloo, Julie took a leap of faith. A leap that turned into a lifetime this past Saturday, when Julie and Scott were married at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls.

Let me guess… you can’t help feeling like you recognize these two. Well, faithful blog readers, you should! Remember Mary and Jeff? Julie is Mary’s sister and served as her maid of honor at their May 1 wedding. Scott proposed a few weeks after. These two don’t mess around. The wedding was on the calendar for just a month and a half later. Mary recommended me to her sister, and I was SO excited to photograph another Wold wedding! Honestly, I almost feel like part of the family now – like an adopted cousin or something.