Hubbard's Hill

When I was younger the trials and tribulations of teenage angst sent me here....

Hubbard's Hill was my oasis. My escape. I'm not sure where the name came from. At one time I think someone told me it was named after a family who lived in the only house on this hill many, many years ago.

As you climb the hill all you see is road and sky. You honestly feel like you're going to fall off the face of the earth. And then you reach the top. The whole world opens up. You expect the road to level off. But your car pitches forward. The quick change makes your stomach drop just as is you were on a roller coaster.

When I needed to ponder what life was throwing at me, I parked in one of the field drives at the top of the hill. Sitting on the hood of my car, leaning against the windshield, I listened to the radio through my open windows. I watched as the sunset and searched for Orion once the stars came out.

I came here when my boyfriends broke up with me. When my best friend and I were fighting, I spent a few hours on top of that hill. If my family was driving me nuts, this was where I came. The night before I moved to Iowa State, I came here.

This hill has seen more than a few tears. And not just mine. It mended the woes of several friends. Whenever someone I knew was hurting, I shared my hill with them. We spread out a blanket and sat in the middle of the gravel road. The quiet was soothing, and the view put things in perspective.

I got to take Ryan there this weekend. It was strange to see his reaction to something that was once so special to me. He just... didn't get it. But that's okay. He doesn't have to. It's mine.



I thought I was going to throw up. For real. Maybe my stomach was rejecting the sugar from the doughnut and gas station cappucino I had while I sat in the chair. I tried to hide it, but reality hung over my head while my stylist worked my hair into an updo.

In a few hours I was getting married. Married. That was fine. That was beyond fine. That was great! But that church full of people. That was not so great.

And then I saw Ryan. He wrapped his arms around me, and with his squeeze I knew it would be okay. Even I tripped on my dress or a candle lit my hair on fire. It would be okay. If we had to move; if I got into a car accident; if we bought a house; if we had to replace a transmission; if I lost my job.

Forever, it would be okay.

Photos by Dreamcatcher Photography

Four years is a far cry from forever. Most of the time it's been fantastic. But even when it's not, it's always been okay. Because I have you. And that's all I need.
Happy anniversary hon! I love you.


Emily's first year: Children Moments

Just last week. It seems like just last week we were shooting Little E's six month photos. Hard to believe she was just two months old when we did Christmas photos. And she was never, ever this little.

She's walking now. And jabbering up a storm. Mom, of course, is her favorite word. Even in just six months she looks older. You can just see her trying to figure things out. How the puzzle pieces go together. How to open her container of fruity puffs. The sadest thing... she doesn't look like a little baby anymore. But I guess one-year-olds aren't supposed to.

We went from this....

To this. And then decided it was probably time to call it quits.

Iowa Motor Truck Association: Event moments

Remember me telling you about my crazy week last week? Well, Tuesday and Wednesday were the best kind of crazy. I road tripped to Coralville to photograph the Iowa Motor Truck Association's annual Managment Conference.

Many thanks to the staff at the Coralville Marriot for taking me to the roof for a few shots!

This was my second
IMTA event; it was even more fun than the last. I remembered some of the people there. Some of them even remembered me. They are a super fun group of people.

That guy.... up there... at the podium? That's Michael Reagan. As in, son of former President Ronald Reagan.

The hotel had the neatest decor. This light, for instance. Not to mention these cool, bright red, rotary looking - yet push button phones!

At the golf tournament I made the mistake of telling one group of guys I'd never golfed before. They insisted I try my hand at putting. And they stole my camera.


Lost creativity

Remember the McCalls? Well, I sent them their CD awhile ago. And then I sat down to blog the tin I created for them. But the photos I had taken of my creativity were missing. I was a little worried I'd have to ask Jen to email a photo of it for me.

But I got lucky today. They were hiding on a compact flash card I hadn't used in awhile.

Blue and yellow were obviously their wedding colors. I searched for tropical-esque scrapbook paper in those colors - since they love to go on cruises - but couldn't find anything. So I settled for paper with exotic looking flowers.

Next to being at an actual wedding.... this is my second favorite part of my job.



I'm about to run down a list of excuses as to why I have not blogged in awhile. First up in the list of excuses... a wedding last weekend. Ryan was best man for his good friend Jason. Lots and lots of fun was had.

Monday was... well, okay Monday was just lazy. No excuses there.

And then the whirlwind begins. Tuesday morning I rushed through packing and checking my gear to make it over to Coralville/Iowa City to photograph the Iowa Motor Truck Association's annual management conference.

Sure, I could have blogged after I was done for the evening, but I chose to take the opportunity to visit my brother. He happened to be just down the road.

Shooting by 7:30 am Wednesday. Until 8:30 that night. Two hour drive home, made much easier by good conversation with a good friend.

As for today... I was up earlier than I have been in a long time. I started my new job today. And when I got home at 6 pm, I fired up the 'ole computer. Pretty sure I haven't moved since.

But to make up for my lack of blogging... here are a few photos from the wedding last weekend. I really enjoyed being a spectator this time around! Here are the boys playing a little old school Duck Hunt in the church basement before the ceremony started.

The big exit included the whole bridal party bailing into a bass fishing boat being pulled behind a pick-up.

You probably guessed Jason is a big fisherman... but just to remove all doubt....

Yes, those are fish shaped cream cheese mints, sour gummy worms, and gold fish crackers.
Ryan gave a really great best man speech. Doesn't he look so cute in a tux? I think I'm going to make him wear it around the house.

These two have this long standing tradition of singing/dancing to the Devil Went Down to Georgia. They each take a part and act out the song. There's air fiddling going on and do-si-dos. It's hilarious!

Until next time... hopefully it's not six days from now!


Eight years

I was on the bus heading to campus when it happened. I walked into the classroom amid a flurry of hushed whispers. "Did you hear?" "It's so horrible." "I just can't believe it." Back then I was lucky to get up in time to grab a granola bar before rushing out the door. I certainly didn't have time to watch the news.

At first I thought it was the typical rumor mill and didn't want to ask about it. But then I noticed it wasn't just one group of people. Everyone was talking about it. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I asked the girl sitting next to me. She said a plane it a building in New York City. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid sprinting down the hallway from the small library in the journalism building.

"Another one! Another one just hit the second tower." The two tvs in the library were always on CNN and MSNBC. Hey, it was the journalism building. We were news junkies when we weren't half asleep.

Our professor arrived late. We discussed what had happened for awhile, but then she ended up turning on the tv for us. Afterall, what better way to learn about crisis communication than to watch it unfold before your eyes.

Today I was at our local school district's elementary school. The local fire and police departments were there along with the Air Gaurd in honor of Patriot's Day. The students shuffled between stations learning about how each department helped that day eight years ago. And how they continue to help our community every day.

The bizarre thing is... these kids were barely old enough to remember it. Eight years ago they ranged in ages from one to five years old. What they know of 9-11 is probably the footage and photos they've seen since then.
God bless the patriots of our nation today and always.


Kayla: Senior Moments

She's one of those girls you love to hate. The kind that never wears make up and looks absolutely gorgeous. She loves to laugh and her personality matches her natural beauty. The type that looks sensational in a pair of jeans and sweatshirt. She plays sports and goes fishing on the weekend. The perfect blend of tom boy and girlie girl.

Like I said, love to hate... but you just can't. Really. She's wayyyy too much fun.

The soccer and tennis star!

Next year Kayla will be off to Cedar Falls to become a UNI Panther.

Love that Kayla goes everywhere barefoot!

Kayla said she had a hard time doing the "serious" thing..... ahh, I'd have to disagree! Although, I'm not going to lie. She doesn't seem like the serious type. Laughing is more her style.

Kayla, I had a blast! Thanks for braving the mosquitoes for me. :-)


One Day You Will

I played this song over and over and over on my way home today.

There's a whole lotta stuff swirling around my brain right now. And this song makes perfect sense to me.


The Kreimeyer's: Wedding moment

From today until forever Breanna carries Reid’s heart with her. She carries it in her heart.

And likewise Reid carries Breanna with him. They are never without for anywhere Breanna goes Reid goes too. And whatever is done by her is Reid’s doing. She fears no fate, for Reid is her fate.

Reid wants no world, for his beautiful Breanna is his world, his true Breanna is whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing.

I wish I could take credit for those beautiful words, but they belong to ee comings. I have no doubt he was picturing a love like Breanna and Reid’s when he wrote “i carry your heart with me.”

Breanna and Reid started the rest of their lives today at Reiman Gardens in Ames. It was just. plain. gorgeous. The weather. The location. The d├ęcor. The guests. And of course, the bride and groom.

Breanna and Reid, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy!

Coe's Floral & Gifts in Ames knocked the flowers outta the park! Absolutely outstanding.

Matched perfectly with a gorgeous cake from

Breanna's unmatched style just keeps coming. Check out the shoes!

Breanna's mom had the honor of walking her daughter down the isle.