I'm about to run down a list of excuses as to why I have not blogged in awhile. First up in the list of excuses... a wedding last weekend. Ryan was best man for his good friend Jason. Lots and lots of fun was had.

Monday was... well, okay Monday was just lazy. No excuses there.

And then the whirlwind begins. Tuesday morning I rushed through packing and checking my gear to make it over to Coralville/Iowa City to photograph the Iowa Motor Truck Association's annual management conference.

Sure, I could have blogged after I was done for the evening, but I chose to take the opportunity to visit my brother. He happened to be just down the road.

Shooting by 7:30 am Wednesday. Until 8:30 that night. Two hour drive home, made much easier by good conversation with a good friend.

As for today... I was up earlier than I have been in a long time. I started my new job today. And when I got home at 6 pm, I fired up the 'ole computer. Pretty sure I haven't moved since.

But to make up for my lack of blogging... here are a few photos from the wedding last weekend. I really enjoyed being a spectator this time around! Here are the boys playing a little old school Duck Hunt in the church basement before the ceremony started.

The big exit included the whole bridal party bailing into a bass fishing boat being pulled behind a pick-up.

You probably guessed Jason is a big fisherman... but just to remove all doubt....

Yes, those are fish shaped cream cheese mints, sour gummy worms, and gold fish crackers.
Ryan gave a really great best man speech. Doesn't he look so cute in a tux? I think I'm going to make him wear it around the house.

These two have this long standing tradition of singing/dancing to the Devil Went Down to Georgia. They each take a part and act out the song. There's air fiddling going on and do-si-dos. It's hilarious!

Until next time... hopefully it's not six days from now!