Angela: Senior photography

I'd never met Angela before. But once upon a time - a lonnngg time ago - I spent the night at her step mom Nicole's house. We couldn't have been more than ten-years-old. I remember playing on round bales and dancing in a big room with huge windows.

Nicole and I grew up (well, sorta), and Nicole married Angela's dad Jeff. Nicole and I just recently found each other on Facebook. Raise your hand if you love Facebook! Nicole became a fan of the Tracy Anne Photography FB page. A few days later I was blown away when Nicole asked me if I'd take Angela's senior photos.

Um... of course! So on a chilly Sunday afternoon I met Angela in Manchester.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was blown away again. Angela is smart, funny, and into photography herself! Angela loves art and the future University of Wisconsin Badger wants to go to school for graphic design.

She was working it out in this door way...

I'm seeing a reoccuring theme.

Thanks so much, Angela (and Nicole). I had a blast, and I hope you did too!


Jason and Michelle: Wedding moments

It was the way he looked at her. The way her eyes danced when she saw him. How tightly they held each other. She fits perfectly in his arms. And he was meant to be forever at her side. They laugh together and love together. This past Saturday they were married in Greeley, Iowa. They will conquer the world... together. And they've gotten a pretty good start the last few months.

I knew from the time I took their
engagement photos in May my good friend Michelle had found her forever in Jason. At the reception I discovered Jason had found his in Michelle. As he walked me outside, I asked him how it felt to be married. His response, "Perfect. She is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Michelle and Jason, I am so honored you asked me to play such an important role in the start of your new adventure. The two of you are destined for great things... and you know how to throw a really great party!

Hope you enjoy...

The two of them were pretty much just like this the whole day...

The whole amazing crew.

See... just like this. All day.

I don't think anyone will forget the love of Michelle and Jason's wedding. But they might just remember it for courage, strength, and determination as well.

For more photos of Michelle and Jason's wedding, check out the



When I was shooting Kierra's one year photos last weekend, her mom was telling me all about the princess theme for her birthday party. So what better way to scrap her CD tin than with... princesses!

Melissa, I hope you enjoy the photos! They should be there in a few days.


Kierra: Children photos

When I was younger my sister was obsessed with this song... I don't remember the name of it. But part of the chorus was "I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA." I have no idea who sang it. I'm not sure I could hum the melody. But after a good hour photographing this little one, I have no doubt she is the happiest girl in the whole word. I don't think I ever saw her stop smiling.

I just love her front toofers. Can't help but crack a smile when you see a picture of those.

My large file sizes are limiting my ability to post any more for the time being. I certainly wish I could though. I have a dozen or so more I'd love to share. Eventually, you'll find them all on the Tracy Anne Photography
Facebook page.






Ahhhh... it's officially the weekend!

We are off to the annual hay ride with Ryan's family. It's supposed to be a chilly 40 degrees tomorrow, so I'm packing lots of layers. There's usually so many people we have to take two wagons. It's great fun. This year they're having a bon fire afterward.

The fall festivities will make for a great backdrop to take one year photos of our niece's daughter, Kierra. We don't get to see them very much so I'm really excited. And who doesn't love photographing an adorable little girl? One year olds are so much fun. Full of energy and exploration.

I've vowed not to get online once over the weekend. So - until Monday!

Happy TGIF day.


I repurposed the tin a little. So far I've put CDs of digital negatives in them. But when I was getting ready to send out Kayla's prints I had an idea.

When I was in high school *ten years ago now.... ouch, hurts to type it* we carried around our wallets. That way our classmates could pick their favorite. You wrote everyone a little message on the back of your photo. If they were a close friend you rambled on and on. If they were just an acquiantence they might get something like "good luck in all you do." I'm guessing just my little high school did that, because most every where else you don't even know half the kids you graduate with.

At any rate. I thought it'd be fun to make a tin for Kayla. Who knows what use she'll have for it. But it's wayyy better than sticking her prints in some boring envelope!

P.S. The inside is purple and gold - because this fall Kayla will be a UNI Panther!


Oh happy day!

I think I've mentioned my love affair with the post office before. Every time I visit I know one of my couples is going to be very happy in a few days.

Today I mailed this: Breanna and Reid.

These tins, they make me happy. I put them together based on the flair of the wedding. And I adore each one. More than anything I have a ton of fun making them! My actual scrapbooks haven't been touch in... oh, ten months. But that's okay.

I'd also like to take this moment to show you something. Can you see the difference between the first photo and the second photo?

Both photos are properly exposed, but the lighting in the first one is very harsh. The lightest areas are blown out. Blown out means there's so much light all you see is white. No color, no pattern. And it has that really nasty rigid shadow. Yuck. It was taken in full sunlight around 2:30 - 3 pm this afternoon.

So what did I do differently for the second photo? I positioned my body so it was blocking the sun. By completely shading the photo you eliminate the harsh look of direct sunlight. You can see the texture in the paper and there's a much more natural shadow to the right of the tin.

Amazing what a little shade can do isn't it?!

All of a sudden I feel like those cheesy don't do drugs, don't give into peer pressure, or always wear your seat belt commericals that end with "because the more you know..." It kinda fits though.


Apple orchard

Last weekend we went to Deals Orchard just west of Jefferson, Iowa with Ryan's family. It's a cute little place where the store is inside a huge barn. They have the best caramel apples, so warm the caramel is practically dripping off them. Mmmm... delicious.

Ryan's mom let all the grandkids pick out a pumpkin. Total they went home with 80 pounds of pumpkin! I'm shocked we didn't take one home too. Ryan's been talking about carving a jack-0-lantern for weeks.

Random tid bit - my new camera still rocks. If it weren't for snow in forcast this weekend I'd be out all weekend shooting. Most likely, the two family sessions that are just waiting for the fall colors to really pop.

It's too bad my photo editing software doesn't like the huge file sizes. It freezes every time I try to open a photo. Which is why you don't see the Tracy Anne Photography watermark on the photo above. Considering I used to get "memory low" messages all the time before, I'm sure my computer will be blaring them at me now.

I can't complain too much. That desktop has lasted me eight years! LOL. My father-in-law would say "they just don't make 'em like that any more!"


Friday fill-in

One of the blogs I follow, the Quiet Life, does a Friday fill-in. Donna posts a handful of statements with blanks. You fill them in and post to your blog.

1. My car is fixed.

2. Michelle and Jason's wedding is coming up next.

3. Lately, things seem busy.

4. Hubbard's Hill is one of my favorite 'hiding' places.

5. What happened yesterday?

6. Forever is not impossible!


Good day

Yesterday was a good day. Ryan brought this home.

It was no ordinary brown box. My new Canon was inside.

I was so excited. Like giddy school girl at a Britney Spears concert excited. Okay, maybe not quite to that extent. But I may have been bouncing around a little.

Hello gorgeous.

I spent a couple hours shooting with it already, and I looove it! It's lighter, faster, and easier to use than my old one. The sensor is bigger, which I discovered means larger file sizes. So large in fact my computer nearly imploded when I downloaded them.
Perhaps a new laptop is in my future... : )