Jason and Michelle: Wedding moments

It was the way he looked at her. The way her eyes danced when she saw him. How tightly they held each other. She fits perfectly in his arms. And he was meant to be forever at her side. They laugh together and love together. This past Saturday they were married in Greeley, Iowa. They will conquer the world... together. And they've gotten a pretty good start the last few months.

I knew from the time I took their
engagement photos in May my good friend Michelle had found her forever in Jason. At the reception I discovered Jason had found his in Michelle. As he walked me outside, I asked him how it felt to be married. His response, "Perfect. She is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Michelle and Jason, I am so honored you asked me to play such an important role in the start of your new adventure. The two of you are destined for great things... and you know how to throw a really great party!

Hope you enjoy...

The two of them were pretty much just like this the whole day...

The whole amazing crew.

See... just like this. All day.

I don't think anyone will forget the love of Michelle and Jason's wedding. But they might just remember it for courage, strength, and determination as well.

For more photos of Michelle and Jason's wedding, check out the


Kelsey said...

Tracy! these pictures are wonderful and your blog made me cry! thank you soo much for all these wonderful memories!