Drum roll, please...

I feel like Clark Griswold.

Clark spent hours finding and sorting Christmas decorations. Untangled every strand of lights. Checked every single bulb. Painstakingly hung lights and decorations. And then… it was time. He called the entire family outside to unveil his creation. All that work built up to one moment of anticipation. Certainly deserves a drum roll.

So here I am. Asking ya’ll to come out to the front yard in your pajamas to watch as I hit the switch.

Go visit my new site!

It’s taken me months to work through this new blogsite. I researched hosting sites and available domain names. After a little digging, I looked up and realized I was in wayyy over my head.

I had no desire to tackle the technical aspect of the conversion to the new blogsite. The thought made my eyes hurt. One of my last posts was about finding other people who enjoy doing what sucks you into the mud. Enter Anitra, stage left. Anitra is my friend and former editor from my newspaper days. Recently she struck out on her own to start Blue Lake Websites. Um… HELLO! She did this sorta thing on a daily basis.

Enlisting her help was the best. decision. ever. I gave her my passwords and presto! Less than two weeks later, I was ready to start the design process. Anitra does some pretty amazing web design too. That just happened to be the part I was looking forward to the most. If you’re looking to create a website, check her out! You won’t regret it.

I knew the design was going to be a big task for a marketer and a perfectionist. And I love how it turned out. Love. it. A longggg time ago I surveyed (yes, I’m a nerd) my family and friends. Among other things, I asked them to pick a color that makes them think of me. Obviously green was the winner. And the second I heard green, I saw grass. Reminds me of all things happy: Summer. Adventure. Walking barefoot. Catching fire flies. Exploring.

The new logo might be my favorite part of all. I’m slightly obsessed with signatures. In high school I used to create signatures for other people. The margins of my notes in college were full of names, scribbed in various styles. Any name would do. My professors. My friends. My name along side the last name of the boy I was crushing on at the time. Needless to say, I perfected the signature of my married name before I was even engaged.

I’m completely smitten with how it turned out. Months of work totally worth it.

No longer will I be posting to this blog. So save to your favorites and change your RSS feed. Head over to the new site - and let me know what you think!