Sneak peek: Bobbier and Adam

I'm in the middle of editing photos from Bobbier and Adam's wedding and ran across a couple I just had to share. The first because it shows the goofy side of this couple (plus an awesome pair of bright blue heels), and the second because it gives you a glimpse of the day without giving it away.

Full post with plenty of photos to come later this week!



Today many are debating the outcome of the interstate rivalry Iowa/Iowa State game. Not in our house. Today Ryan and I have been addicted to the History channel. They've been showing footage and documentaries from 9/11 all morning. It's so bizarre to watch nine years later.

Nine years ago tomorrow, I picked up newspapers documenting the events. The Iowa State Daily (I was a sophomore at Iowa State at the time), The Des Moines Register, and The New York Times.

As a journalism major I knew these newpapers would be a great documentation of the history unfolding in front of us.

These newspapers were in the basement and survived the flood of '08. Of all our stuff in the basement, it was these newspapers that almost had me in tears. Afterward, our basement looked like a printers office. Pages of newspapers spread out on every possible surface as they dried. I moved them upstairs after that incident.

I just hope everyone takes time to remember the day amid the fun and festivities of the Iowa/Iowa State game.


My Owen's first photo shoot

I've been dying to take newborn photos of my little Owen. So today was the day. I was hoping for sleepy photos of him all cozy, but he was wide awake. Since he was in a good mood, I took advantage anyway.

It's been just over two weeks now. We had both grandmas here to help us for almost two solid weeks. But they've since gone home, and Ryan went back to work. So it's just Little O and I all day. He amazes me more and more.

I love the little tuft of hair in these. I try to tame his hair, really I do. But it doesn't do any good. You should see it after a bath. You'd think the water would help keep it down, but he turns into a little fuzz ball.

This next one was just for fun... but I love his expression. Yes - I know, he can't 'smile' yet. But it's so darn cute!

In the meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting shooting Bobbier and Adam's wedding in a few weeks. Followed by my cousin Allison's wedding to Terry in October. So... you'll have more to look at than my son in a few weeks. :-)