Stationary love

We just got a invitation to my cousin's wedding... and it is flippin cool! I had to share asap. The two sides fold in together with this cool square smack dab in the center.

Love that shade of blue and the monogram "T". I might be a little biased... you know, since Tucker was my maiden name for 20 some years of my life. I almost miss it. Until I remember I moved up in the world. From a "Tu" to an "Sc". And then I get over it. Oh, and there happens to be a pretty amazing guy attached to "Sc" as well. ;-)

Anyway, back to the invitation... all of their information was so well displayed without any extra cards or inserts. The accommodations and gift registry on one side...

With the main invitation and reception information on the middle panel. And an adorable engagement picture on the right side. (Note, photo NOT taken by me. Bugs me that I can't give credit to the photographer. I'll find out and update: Photo taken by Milestone Portraits)

Super cute invitation! Might just be my favorite one to date. And I'm super excited to attend their wedding in a little over a month!



I haven't blogged in awhile. But it's not due to a lack of content. Quite the opposite actually. I've been so busy DOING things worth blogging about, I haven't had time to blog about them. How's THAT, internet?!

1. Jubilee Wine Tasting event
The Jubilee Committee is a group of volunteers in our community that plan the various celebrations in our little town. I was on the committee for 2 or 3 years, and let me tell you this group is small but mighty! After our son was born I stepped off the committee, and since then I try to do what I can to support them. So when it was time for the second annual wine tasting and silent auction, Tracy Anne Photography donated a portrait session. And I stopped by to support the fundraiser by drinking my share of wine samples. Anything for a good cause. :-)

2. Meeting other photographers
Last week I met with two amazing Des Moines area photographers. I caught up with Caryoln Vaughn over lunch. Lovely lady. Much of her time during wedding season is spent in Okoboji, a place very near and dear to my heart after having lived there for almost 3 years. And I met Amy Allen at her (amazing) studio in the East Village. She's full of fire and fun. We talked for an hour - but I could have sat on her couch all day. (That was not a therapist reference by the way, although maybe it should have been becauses she gave me some pretty terrific advice!)

3. Easter and ear infections
After a sleepless Friday night, we took O to the doctor Saturday morning to find out he has his first ear infection. After a nap in the recliner, both of us were feeling a little better. O is a little fussier than normal, but considering his laid back personality he's tolerating it better than most. We struck out for Grandma's house on Sunday for Easter. O was such a trooper for not feeling well. Grandma saved the day and had an Easter basket for O since I didn't a chance to put ours together after an all-nighter and trip to the doctor.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Michele. I brought my camera, but with a sick little boy - it never made it out of the car.

4. Upcoming wedding
Jared and Ariell are getting married this Saturday! So there has been a flurry of emails, and my brain is starting to draft mental to-do lists. It's going to be such an amazing day. Can't wait.


Under a rock

I heard this song for the first time today.

Yes, I live under a rock.

Anyway, I'm completely obsessed with it. Even more so now that I've seen the video. The slow motion dancer in the sand... the water glasses... and her voice. Oh, her voice! Melts my butter.

In a completely platonic way of course.

So for those living under a rock like me:



Today is perfect. Warm. Sunny. A rare spring day in Iowa. Yesterday I noticed this...

Hello spring bud! Hang on. It's going to be a rough week for you. They're forecasting highs in the 40s and snow later this week. When that happens, I will remember today. And I will look forward to May.


My latest addiction

If you know me, you know I am addicted to chapstick and lip gloss. I'm willing to try just about any brand and flavor. But my go-to has always been Dr. Pepper Smackers. I keep it everywhere. One in my purse. One in my winter coat and my spring coat. One in my car. One in Ryan's truck. I cannot be without my Dr. Pepper lip gloss.

Oh, but recently I may have found a new love. . .

This is eos.

This is pure natural (90% organic, 100% natural) bliss for your lips.

My co-worker came to work one day with this tall tale about a guy throwing her favorite chapstick in a container of Ranch sauce at a restaurant. He pulled out one of these crazy egg shaped things and told her it would be her new favorite. Apparently he was the creator. She got his business card. One email later he sent her a few samples.

And she gave me one.

I bought another one.

And since then I've seen them at Walgreens, Target, and Walmart. I went back to my hometown over the weekend, and even my small town pharmacy carries them!

It hasn't replaced my Dr. Pepper addiction quite yet. . . but it's been the closest thing so far!