My latest addiction

If you know me, you know I am addicted to chapstick and lip gloss. I'm willing to try just about any brand and flavor. But my go-to has always been Dr. Pepper Smackers. I keep it everywhere. One in my purse. One in my winter coat and my spring coat. One in my car. One in Ryan's truck. I cannot be without my Dr. Pepper lip gloss.

Oh, but recently I may have found a new love. . .

This is eos.

This is pure natural (90% organic, 100% natural) bliss for your lips.

My co-worker came to work one day with this tall tale about a guy throwing her favorite chapstick in a container of Ranch sauce at a restaurant. He pulled out one of these crazy egg shaped things and told her it would be her new favorite. Apparently he was the creator. She got his business card. One email later he sent her a few samples.

And she gave me one.

I bought another one.

And since then I've seen them at Walgreens, Target, and Walmart. I went back to my hometown over the weekend, and even my small town pharmacy carries them!

It hasn't replaced my Dr. Pepper addiction quite yet. . . but it's been the closest thing so far!


Stefany said...

Great find! Get rid of that petrolatum-filled lip balm!