I haven't blogged in awhile. But it's not due to a lack of content. Quite the opposite actually. I've been so busy DOING things worth blogging about, I haven't had time to blog about them. How's THAT, internet?!

1. Jubilee Wine Tasting event
The Jubilee Committee is a group of volunteers in our community that plan the various celebrations in our little town. I was on the committee for 2 or 3 years, and let me tell you this group is small but mighty! After our son was born I stepped off the committee, and since then I try to do what I can to support them. So when it was time for the second annual wine tasting and silent auction, Tracy Anne Photography donated a portrait session. And I stopped by to support the fundraiser by drinking my share of wine samples. Anything for a good cause. :-)

2. Meeting other photographers
Last week I met with two amazing Des Moines area photographers. I caught up with Caryoln Vaughn over lunch. Lovely lady. Much of her time during wedding season is spent in Okoboji, a place very near and dear to my heart after having lived there for almost 3 years. And I met Amy Allen at her (amazing) studio in the East Village. She's full of fire and fun. We talked for an hour - but I could have sat on her couch all day. (That was not a therapist reference by the way, although maybe it should have been becauses she gave me some pretty terrific advice!)

3. Easter and ear infections
After a sleepless Friday night, we took O to the doctor Saturday morning to find out he has his first ear infection. After a nap in the recliner, both of us were feeling a little better. O is a little fussier than normal, but considering his laid back personality he's tolerating it better than most. We struck out for Grandma's house on Sunday for Easter. O was such a trooper for not feeling well. Grandma saved the day and had an Easter basket for O since I didn't a chance to put ours together after an all-nighter and trip to the doctor.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Michele. I brought my camera, but with a sick little boy - it never made it out of the car.

4. Upcoming wedding
Jared and Ariell are getting married this Saturday! So there has been a flurry of emails, and my brain is starting to draft mental to-do lists. It's going to be such an amazing day. Can't wait.