These are the faces...


They aren't your grandparents. Natalie is three.

They are your sons and daughters or nieces and nephews.

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis affects hundreds of kids in Iowa. I went to a JRA networking event tonight. While the kids hung out making crafts and playing games, their parents were learning about the benefits of nutrition for arthritis.
I had a great time. Really looking forward to the Arthritis Walk May 22 at the Blank Park Zoo.



This is a 1968 Chevy.

Same body style as my dad's 1970 Chevy. Except his was baby blue with a flat bed. My dad, brother, and uncle spent hours re-painting it. Honestly, it was more my brother's truck. He drove it to school, and every great once in awhile he'd give me a ride. We called it the "Toner" - as in one ton, not... isotoner. Sorry, "isotoner" was the best phonetic comparison I could come up with.

I learned how to drive a stick shift in that '70s Chevy. I never would have thought seeing a truck that looks a little like the Toner would have warmed a little part of my heart. It's a shame they didn't have an '89 Pontiac Bonneville! Strange how your first car makes such an impact on your life.

And just for fun, here's a few more photos from the World of Wheels car show in Des Moines this weekend.



We’re down to the last three months of school (maybe four with all the snow days), and students everywhere have their sights set on summer break. But more than anyone else, the end of the year marks a huge milestone in the lives of high school juniors - the start of their senior year.

I have a unique opportunity for these soon-to-be seniors. Become a senior rep and you’ll get a FREE senior session. Refer a friend and you’ll get cash or free photography stuff.

I had a blast with my seniors last year, and I’m really excited to offer this program! Send me a Facebook message or shoot me an email at if you’re interested in becoming a senior rep.



There's something to be said for a free day. A day with nothing on the calendar. No where you have to be. No one you have to see, or anything you have to do. Today was my first free day in a long time, so I took advantage.

Most would have probably slept in, but I didn't want to miss the best light of the day. I was a little disappointed to find out it was slightly chilly. But no matter, the overcast sky benefited me instead.

Last post I was thinking about spring. These pictures may not look like it, but the smallest hint of spring hidden in them. The ice on the river has broken up and the water is flowing freely.

The snow has melted enough in some places to reveal the grass and dirt below.

And the animals are making their appearance again.

It may be aways off, but spring is definitely on its way!




It got up to 40 degrees today. The snow is starting to melt. I pray that it doesn't melt too fast or we'll have a flood on our hands.

And you think I'm kidding.

That being said I'm determined to get out and take some photos this weekend. It's supposed to get up to 50 on Saturday and Sunday. So I might be photographing a lot of water. Guess we'll see.

I only wish the grass was automatically green when the snow melted... instead of this dull gray. Soon enough.