Oh happy day!

I think I've mentioned my love affair with the post office before. Every time I visit I know one of my couples is going to be very happy in a few days.

Today I mailed this: Breanna and Reid.

These tins, they make me happy. I put them together based on the flair of the wedding. And I adore each one. More than anything I have a ton of fun making them! My actual scrapbooks haven't been touch in... oh, ten months. But that's okay.

I'd also like to take this moment to show you something. Can you see the difference between the first photo and the second photo?

Both photos are properly exposed, but the lighting in the first one is very harsh. The lightest areas are blown out. Blown out means there's so much light all you see is white. No color, no pattern. And it has that really nasty rigid shadow. Yuck. It was taken in full sunlight around 2:30 - 3 pm this afternoon.

So what did I do differently for the second photo? I positioned my body so it was blocking the sun. By completely shading the photo you eliminate the harsh look of direct sunlight. You can see the texture in the paper and there's a much more natural shadow to the right of the tin.

Amazing what a little shade can do isn't it?!

All of a sudden I feel like those cheesy don't do drugs, don't give into peer pressure, or always wear your seat belt commericals that end with "because the more you know..." It kinda fits though.