Engagement: Michelle & Jason

I've known Michelle for... oh, fifteen years at least. Maybe more like twenty. Wow. I feel old all of a sudden. Anyway, we've been friends for a long time. After graduation we went to separate colleges. Thanks to email and instant messanger we managed to stay in touch but rarely saw each other - the down side to having cyber communication at your finger tips.

As luck would have it Michelle was newly engaged just as I made the decision to take photography from hobby to business. She asked me to photograph her upcoming wedding to Jason. I'd never met Jason, but I could tell by the way she talked about him this guy had completely swept her off her feet. I jumped at the chance. I love a good love story after all.

Well, our several year long stretch of not seeing each other ended this weekend when we got together for engagement photos. It was so good to see Michelle again, but even better was the opportunity to meet Jason. He's really laid back - as evidenced by his go with the flow attitude while I gave them absolutely horrid directions sending them on a wild goose HIS neck of the woods no less! But more importantly, underneath all of the teasing I could see how much he adores my friend. And that's all I needed to know.

I'm so excited for their wedding in October. Their whole family deserves more than one happy beginning.