Photo packaging

I love paper. All kinds. All colors. All textures. All patterns. I'm not prejudice. Stationary, card stock, scrapbook paper... doesn't matter. There's just something about the infinite possibilities of a blank sheet of paper.

One of my favorite places is a scrap booking store in Ankeny. Isles and isles, rows and rows of paper. My heaven. While there earlier this week I found this tin. I had no idea what I was going to do with it - but it needed to come home with me.

After finishing up processing photos from my last wedding, I realized it was the perfect size for a cd. Coincidentally I had a cd of wedding photos to give to a bride and groom.

The tin was just a little too wide... so with the creative help of a friend I devised a plan to create a spacer from card stock to hold the cd in place. Just for fun I threw in tissue paper for some dimension.

I forgot to take a photo... but I glued the words to the song the congregation sang at the ceremony onto the back of the lid.

It was a super fun project for me. And I think it looks fantastic.

When I was finished I realized I had all of this extra space behind the CD. So I wrote Mary and Jeff a quick note to wish them well and thank them for being so awesome.


Stefany said...

What a wonderful idea! You are so creative!