Holly: Maternity...

Saturday night I laid in bed and read for while. But I couldn't concentrate. My mind kept wandering to the maternity shoot I had the next day with one of my best friends. I thought of poses and angles and lighting. I was excited.

About 11:30 pm I finally said lights out. I had just thrown the covers over my shoulder when my phone rang. My heart skipped. The world stopped. Ryan had been hunting that evening. Practically my whole family has heart problems. Our grandparents have been relatively healthy, but that could change in an instant.

I threw the covers off and practically ran down the hallway. My phone glowed from the coffee table. I snatched it up while holding my breath. "Holly" blinked at me from the screen. I think I swallowed my heart...

Turns out I wasn't going to get my maternity photos.

Emily wanted her photo taken instead.

I got my photos they're just of an adorable newborn instead of an adorable pregnant woman.

Emily Elizabeth was born three weeks early. Jeff had told Holly she was going to have a nine pound baby. At just over six pounds, Emily would have been in the nine pound range had she gone full-term. She's 18 inches long. Under her little pink hat is strawberry blonde peach fuzz - no doubt from her daddy. She has her mommy's nose and Emily's eyes. Everyone is happy, healthy and home - safe and sound.

Welcome to the world little Emily. It sure is nice to meet you.