A fall hay ride

By nature I'm not a big city person. I grew up in the country surrounded by pasture and timber. As a kid I spent my days roaming our eleven acres, ice skating on the neighbor's pond and riding my bike a mile down the gravel road to play with the neighbor kids. Suffice it to say, after awhile the city limits start to get a little suffocating. And this past weekend… I escaped.

We spent Sunday in the middle of no where. Well, Ryan's grandma's farm is certainly somewhere. But if I shut my eyes and pretended the giant Super Wal-Mart on the other side of the hill didn't exist, it was close enough. And no where kind of implies you're the only sole for miles. That was definitely not the case. But hey, if I want 59 of my relatives in my no where then who's going to stop me?! That's right… no one!

I think this year marked the third annual Korwes family hay ride. And nothing says fall like climbing onto a hay wagon while the big green and yellow parades you through acres of restored prairie. It was such an amazing day. In true Korwes style, afterward we had a buffet of chili and chicken noodle soup with every side and dessert imaginable. It was a great reason to escape the big bad city.