Opening weekend

Every year my husband starts to get itchy mid-October. By the second week he's counting down the days. By the third week he's ticking off the hours. And with just days to go until opening weekend of pheasant season it's usually down to the minute. He's like a little kid at Christmas. It's so much fun to see him that excited.
The past few years I've tagged along opening weekend to get some photos. Here is a few from last weekend's adventure.

Here's the crew after the first morning and their seven birds. I'm sure Ryan would want me to mention he shot three of the seven.

And here's the master hunter in action...

I love that you can see the dew in the grass. It was pretty but made for some soggy socks after the first half hour.

Have you ever tried to walk through prairie grass? You don't just take a leisurely stroll through the switchgrass. It's a lot harder than it seems. The wind whips through tangling it into big knots. So it's more like hurdling than actually walking.
This is Vern. Ryan's step-dad. He hurdled his way through nearly shoulder high switchgrass for about 45 minutes... with a herniated disc!

They went out again Sunday but the wind was so strong it was tough going. They didn't see a single bird.