My Saturday... in the park

I love sleeping in. That feeling of waking up and knowing you don't have to be anywhere or do anything. So you slam your eyes shut again and drift back to sleep. Mmm... that's the best. Even if it's just for an extra ten minutes or half an hour. After a week of schedules and deadlines, it's pure bliss to give yourself thirty minutes. My friends give me greif about getting up before 8 on the weekends, but my hour of freedom is enough.
It was chilly this morning. My lungs are still mad at me after my run. Oh it was horrible. I haven't even attempted to run in over a month, and I think I picked the coldest freakin' morning so far this fall. I didn't even make it two miles before I started coughing too hard to put one foot in front of the other. Probably time to move inside. Too bad I hate treadmills.
Back at home, I decided to start a load of laundry. In the corner of the room, underneath clothes laid out to dry was a weight lifting bench Ryan thought we had to have. Eh, why not. I tossed the dried clothes into a laundry basket. A few curls, butterflies, and crunches later I feel good. Better take advantage today... tomorrow it'll be my muscles screaming at me instead of my lungs.
So what to do the rest of the day?
I'm watching a special on IPTV about lace-makers in Brussels right now. They actually have museums solely devoted to lace. Can you believe that?
Anywho, as soon as Ryan gets home from his fire department traning we have to go get a few bales of hay for the haunted hay ride tonight. It's part of Fall Fest. There's homemade chili and potato soup. Hay rides and a haunted trail. I'll be one of many manning the trail scaring the bejesus out of the kids that walk through. Tee hee hee. It's going to be big fun!
Mmmm.... they're cooking Belgian style on IPTV now. I'm not seeing any waffles. Ooh, there's chocolate though!
Before Fall Fest I have a family photo session in Des Moines. Another coworker. Jeanine actually happens to be my boss. She has two adorable kids. We're shooting at a public library. It's an interesting building. Lots of concrete and interesting landscaping. It's also right along the bike trail. So I'm curious to see what we find.

Well, better get the day started I suppose.