Fire trucks and photo ops

Every day there are moments when I wish I had my camera. Yesterday morning I dropped Ryan off at a meeting and headed to the mall. I've needed a new pair of running shoes ever since my old ones rubbed my heels raw during the 10k... oh, two months ago. That'll teach me for not untying them when I put them on.

As drove up to the mall parking lot I noticed a fire truck. Then another. And another. An entire corner of the parking lot was blocked off. I read the names of the towns as I headed into the mall. Twenty minutes later (I know - speedy right!) I walked out with a new pair of runners. They're awesome. Dark blue, orange and silver. Anyway, back to the fire trucks.

Every time I turned around there were pictures to be had. The shutter in my head clicked constantly. A boy bouncing in the drivers seat, his eyes wide with possibility. A little girl with blonde curls climbing up the step. Parents waited patiently as the kids explored. I don't know what it is that makes firemen so extraordinary to little kids. But it sure makes for some great photos.

That is if I remember to bring my camera.