Love day

I unofficially met Ryan numerous times before we were finally introduced. Ironically the first time didn't even involve me, but one of my good friends.

I was still in high school - working at the local grocery store and bowling or going to movies on the weekend. My friend Emmaly was a freshman at Iowa State. She emailed me once and said this guy Slater, who she worked with at food service, asked her out. She wasn't sure if she should go. I'm not sure what I told her, but it doesn't matter... she didn't go.

A year later, I was at Iowa State. Besides Emmaly, two of my other good friends from high school were there - Amy and Andy. We met on campus to hang out between class. As I got to the library, Andy was talking to some guy. This guy wore khaki shorts, a t-shirt and a worn yellow ISU ball cap. Completely random - I also remember he had a camoflauge bag. I made sure to ask who he was when Andy returned. Some guy named Slater he worked with. Slater was cute. The whole tall, dark and handsome, farmer boy thing.

The following year I got an apartment with three other girls. And Ryan called one night asking for my roommate. So I scrawled "Kari - Slater called" on our dry erase message board.

Months passed. The next time I ran across this guy Slater was at The Corner Pocket. I was out with my roommate Bobbier, Andy and Amy. He walked in the front door and yelled across the bar at one of his friends. He was loud and obnoxious... one of "those" guys.

We finally met - for real - at my apartment that year. My roommate and I invited one of our co-workers over to hang out. He showed up with this guy Slater in tow. I will never forget seeing him standing on our landing. Khaki pants, navy polo and baby blue eyes peeking out from underneath his yellow ISU ball cap.

Eventually Ryan asked me out at a party. We were sitting on a red fouton. And that was almost seven years ago.
Happy Valentine's day everyone... but more importantly - Happy Valentine's day hon.