Arthritis Walk 2010

Did you know that more KIDS have juvenile arthritis than have juvenile diabetes? Did you know there are over 100 different kinds of arthritis? I didn't. And I've been volunteering for the Arthritis Foundation for three years. The first year I was a walker. The last two years I volunteered to take photos.

It's my way of easing a guilty conscience for thinking my sister was just "milking" it the first few years she was suffering from RA. I've blogged about it before, should you want to read more about how horrible I was as a big sister back in the day.

So I volunteer. And the walk is such a great event. Held at the Blank Park Zoo it's more family friendly than some of the other run/walks. The zoo not only provides plenty of space for the event, but it also offers some great entertainment.

Like the ostriches. This little guy was determined to see them running around.

I think there were over 600 walkers this year, raising over $40,000.

He wasn't too sure about getting a tattoo, but obviously changed his mind.

It was a gorgeous morning! The best weather in the three years I've been coming to the walk.

Hopefully some day they'll find a cure for arthritis, and we won't need the blue "survivor" hats anymore.

More photos posted on the Iowa Arthritis Foundation's Facebook page.
Already looking forward to next year!