Questions YOU can answer

I'm in a bit of a conundrum. This blog has been the heart of my photography business for... well, since it all started two years ago. At first, it worked really well. It gave me a chance to get my name out there and my clients to get a sneak peek of their photos. But honestly, the most important thing then was the fact that it was free.

It was very important to me that the business grow organically. So I started with a Canon D30 I bought second hand from an intern. I had one lens. And a free blog. As the business grew, I reinvested everything in equipment. Upgraded my camera, lenses, computer, and editing software. It's made my life so much easier.

And now, I feel like it's time to make some changes to this little 'ole blog of mine. It has served it's purpose. Like everything else, it's time to invest in an upgrade. I'm just not sure which direction to go.

To be honest, Google Analytics has been telling me for months that the number of hits here has been decreasing. So I'm not entirely sure anyone is even reading. And if you are I don't know it... because you don't comment. ;-) My hope for this blog was to create two-way communication between you and me. But most of the time I feel like I'm rambling into nothing-ness. Instead, the Tracy Anne Photography Facebook page has provided a better forum for the two-way interaction I was seeking.

So where to go now? I've thought about creating a website and deleting this blog. I've also thought about doing both - creating a new website and maintaining the blog. Or creating a hybrid of both, a "blogsite" that allows me to post and also provide the static general information people need to know.

The other option is to move the blog to Facebook. I hope you want to look at the photos - and I feel like I'm posting the same photos to both the blog and FB anyway. So here's my vision... I would restructure my photo albums so each session would have it's own album. Within the description I would include the content that I would have normally posted to the blog. I would also have an "Idea" album where I would post photos of wedding invites, cool do-it-yourself stuff I run across, and other ... ideas I want to share with you all. And there is always the "notes" feature of Facebook where I could bore you with all of my personal nonsense.

Regardless of whether or not I restructure the blog - I would LOVE to get the "discussion" section of my Facebook page hopping. So feel free to ask questions about ANYTHING. What clothes to wear to a photo session, camera questions, even personal stuff like why I have a collection of over 200 pens. (Oh yes, my friends. It's true.)

SO... I'm asking for your help. Leave me a comment with your thoughts. Do you love the blog? Would you cry into your pillow for weeks and weeks if it were to end? Then TELL me! Would it be easier for you to convert the blog to Facebook? After all, aren't all of us addicted to FB anyway? I'm writing this for YOU - so it's only fitting that you help me decide what to do.

Chances are no matter what we decide, I will be creating a "typical" website. And for that reason this change won't happen over night.

And... because posts are more fun with photos... here's a peek of my very unhappy duck.

PLEASE Comment!!


Kady said...

Okay... the FB thing os okay with me... as long as you still write! :D

Stefany said...

This blog is the "whole package." Not only do you give your clients (sorry) a sharing site for them to direct their family and friends to so that they can view the pictures, but it also gives current and prospective clients (sorry again) a chance to view your ongoing works, sparking ideas for their next session with you. But more than that, you create a personal link with all of us through your writing. I love checking this blog, but I'm on FB all the time so I can just as easily check it on there as long as you keep up the writing. Also, I don't always check back here after I've left a comment to see if you've replied or if anyone else has; whereas FB tells you when someone has "also commented" on the same post. That's pretty handy and allows for better communication between you and your clients (last time, I promise).

I hope this made some sense. Either way you decide, we'll continue to be your ever-loyal clients (dang!).

Mandy said...

I read your blog when you post a link to FB. I've been reading since the beginning though, I like seeing you grow as a photographer and plus I get to occasionally see pics of your family! =)

My wedding/baby photographer does something similar to you, she has a blog and a FB for her business (she has a separate personal FB). She posts the same pictures on FB that she does in her blog, but the blog gets a story and some commentary from her. She doesn't, but you could use the blogsite as a way to give info on your packages too. Here's a link to her blog: if you want some ideas. I can link you to her FB too, if you want.

Either way, keep up the good work of communicating with past, present and future customers, and even just us nosy people. =)

Anitra Wolf said...

From a web developer's point of view, if you're going to create a new business website, it's not that much more work to incorporate a blog into that site. I use wordpress to create blog/website combos and there are A LOT of existing designs you can choose from or customize to get exactly what you want.

I LOVE facebook, but I think it's just a different animal than a blog. I don't read the "notes"... just status updates. My facebook attention span must be shorter. And I like the change of imagery that a full website gives me. (Yes- I am completely biased on that one.)

Tracy Anne said...

I will be creating a website in the future. A 'standard' website with a portfolio, information about me, ect. Based on the response I've gotten it sounds like people really do enjoy the 'blog'. Which is good - because I like to write it. So now the question is whether or not the blog lives on my new website OR moves to Facebook.