Multiple answer

I'm super excited. Guess why!

A. My first wedding of the year is in two days
B. I'm planning a new logo and website
C. I got a new camera accessory/lens
D. All of the above

And the winner is....

Are you ready?

You really wanna know?


I'm stoked about Amber and Dan's wedding this weekend. But I think I may have mentioned that... oh, a billion times.

A logo and an "official" website have always been a goal. And this year... this year they're going to come true, cyber friends. I have BIG plans. It's fun. And exciting. And scary all mushed up into one big pile of pure craziness.

And I made a fun purchase today. It was almost spur of the moment. I've wanted an extension tube since my friend Barbie let me borrow hers. It was more a of a "want" than a "need". And today it became MINE.

Most people know 'macro' in the photography world means taking pictures of very small things. Very small, like the veins of a leaf. As I rocked my son to sleep I saw macro photos of his eye lashes and fingers. Some lenses can get even closer.

An extension tube essentially turns almost any lens into a macro lens. Pretty cool, eh? And the devil's in the details. My new found ability to shoot super close-ups open up new doors when it comes to shooting the details of a wedding.

Like everything else, it's much easier to see for yourself.

This is as close as my 50mm lens will accurately focus on my wedding ring...

(If you love me, you'll ignore the dust bunnies.)

And THIS is how close I can get with an extension tube and my 50mm lens...

To my wedding ring... and my friends the dust bunnies.

Pretty cool, huh?!