Adam: Senior and family

I love going to places I've never been before. The excitement. The adventure. The thrill of getting lost. And to think I was going to Ryan's step-sister Tricia's house. Our busy life just hasn't intersected with the busy lives of two working parents and three boys. Gee, I wonder why.... It's not like careers, school, sports, jobs, friends, girlfriends and being a family takes much time. :-) But all that changed this weekend when I ventured south to take Adam's senior pictures.

North Park was fabulous! Every where you turned there was a great back drop for photos. We had a great time. Adam was a good sport; he did everything I asked without question - from climbing in flower beds to sitting on swings.

After wrapping up with Adam, we picked up the rest of the family for a few more photos. There were lots of laughs - especially when trying to get the dogs to cooperate. But we managed to get a few good shots.

Quincy, Tricia, Adam, Alex, and Zach (Missy and LuLu too) thanks for letting me play papparatzi for an afternoon. I had such a great time; you have no idea! Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Tracy i love the story and the pics. Can't wait to see more. You are awesome!!!!!! Love Tricia and fam.

Anonymous said...

We like these, except for the Kinnick t-shirt! :) Go Clones! I really like the baseball pics, very cool! BTW, the purple flowers are called Morning Glories. We love your site! Tom & Melissa