Gaining momentum

It has been sixteen days. Just over two weeks since I tossed out my first official post on this blog announcing my new adventure. I'm amazed at the response I've received. Family members, friends, aquaintenances - even strangers have wished me well. And so much has happened since this train started...
I've booked five family sessions plus another portrait session for a high school couple (hint - Adam will be making another appearance on my blog). And of course my brother and my friend Michelle who jumped on the Tracy Anne Photography bandwagon before it even had wheels. The train is starting to gain a little speed.
And I'm hoping it will be barreling down the tracks by this time next month. A newspaper in Ames is featuring Tracy Anne Photography in the business section of their October 15th issue! Being on the other side of an interview was an interesting experience for a change. A huge thank you to my friend Roxanne for sending my info to the editor.
There are a few more ideas in the works, many of them sparked by my discussion with Jill last week. Plus a great idea to donate a free senior session to the local Post Prom committee to be raffled off next spring. Thank you Ronda!
Needless to say I'm really glad I had last week off... although I'm not entirely sure where those five days went.