Kaitlyn enjoyed playing with Uncle Mike...

We were supposed to get a little freezing rain early that evening so those going back to Cedar Rapids left a little early. Meanwhile Ryan and I hunkered down at my brother’s house playing Wii. I kicked Mike and Ryan’s butt in boxing. (But I’m sore today… how sad is that??) We raced cows too but I think mine was lame. Or maybe it had something to do with all of the hurdles I was running into rather than jumping over. Oops. Ryan and I slid home on icy roads after my cow finally managed to beat him.

Church was cancelled on Sunday morning due to ice, but we drove into town anyway for breakfast. Shortly after we arrived my great aunt and uncle pulled up. So we got to have breakfast with Dean and Grace. They lived just down the road from us growing up. I caught my very first fish in their pond. It was so nice to actually visit with them. I saw them at Brian and Kelly’s wedding, but was so busy I barely said hello.

As I sat at the table visiting with them, I was so appreciative for growing up surrounded by family. My aunt and uncle lived so close to us I rode the bus with my cousins. We went to school with our second cousins. We all played together in the summer. Three sets of great aunts and uncles lived within five miles of our house and visited often. My grandparents were born and raised on farms in our section. And that's not all. There were cousins, aunts and uncles sprinkled across the county.

I'm so thankful I had that opportunity.