It's all white

Photoshop is so much fun. One photo....

...turns into four.

Ahh, but would you believe me if I said all of these photos are straight out of the camera? I didn't touch them with photoshop... at all. Didn't even open the program. No lie.

I took these photos using the same shutter speed and aperture. The only difference...

White balance. Different types of light have a different tint to them. That tint can affect the colors in your photo. To accentuate the difference, I shot these on my white kitchen counter top.

Almost every camera has built in white balance settings. Sunshine, shade, fluorescent, and tungsten. Pick the setting that best matches your environment. There's even an "auto white balance."

The best option is always "custom" white balance. Fill your frame with something white - in the light you'll be shooting in - and take a picture. Select custom and then pick the photo you just took. That's the only way you can guarantee correct color.

But finding something white (unless you carry a note card in your camera bag - hint, hint) can be tough. Not to mention setting custom white balance takes awhile. Generally auto white balance is pretty safe. It'll get you pretty close, and doesn't take any time to set up.

Happy white balancing!


Stefany said...

Wow, Tracy! That's really cool. You are learning so much, you photography pro, you!