Shakin' it up

I feel like throwing my hands in the air and saying "Ta DA!"

What do you think of the new look? It's the result of a favor I asked of some of my closest family and friends.

My "day" job is marketing communications, so I know the importance of branding your business. The workshop I went to last fall taught me that in the world of photography it's more important to brand... yourself.

Me? Well, that's interesting.

Try putting who you are and what you're about on paper. I started three separate notebooks and nursed half a dozen migranes. After scribbling out pages and pages, I chucked my sharpie. This was tough.

I was making it far too complicated. Who better to tell me how they see me, than those who know me best. My own focus group if you will. The verdict... I'm a blue/green person.

Since I can't hire a graphic designer to custom design a blog for me, I've been searching for the perfect blogger template. And realized it doesn't exist. But... I think this is pretty close. Minus the ugly orange Pyzam banner at the top. I don't plan on changing it until I can have a stellar site designed to my specs, so I had to like it... a lot.

Hope you do too!