FAQ: Canon

Hands down the question I get asked the most is, why Canon? As if my decision were due to some grandiose Canon specific function.

Honestly, it was an accident. Fate, maybe.

The newspaper I worked at hired an intern every summer. I was the intern the summer before I was hired full-time. Highly enjoyed my editor assigning me a story to go bar hopping, but that's another post. The summer of 2004 (I think) we hired a photography intern. An intern toting two DSLRs. I asked a lot of questions.

Up until that point, the last camera I'd owned was a cheap $20 35mm that came to its demise by way of an open bottle of shampoo. It wasn't pretty. But that summer I started looking into buying a digital. And screw top shampoo bottles.

As luck would have it, our photography intern decided to upgrade. He wanted to sell his old camera to fund the purchase of his new one. It was a Canon. Truth be told I probably would have bought it if it had been a Nikon. Brand didn't matter me. I trusted Kevin. And after five years, I'd say it paid off.

Now I'm hooked. I love my Canon. But truth be told, I've only held a Nikon once. Not exactly a fair comparison. In my mind, you're getting a great camera no matter which brand you choose. Like most, it comes down to personal preference.

And I'm a creature of habit - or is it happenstance?