Wonder dog

This is Gus. He was Ryan's wedding present. I got a wedding, and Ryan got a dog. HA! I kid, I kid... Kinda.

Gus, the wonder dog. No paticular reason for adding "the wonder dog," other than it sounds neat. Although, he does appear to have a super-hero pose in this photo.

We named him after Robert Duvall's character in Lonesome Dove. Doesn't really make sense to name a dog after an old cowboy who likes to 'cut the cards.' But we were obsessed with the movie when we got him.
Gus loves the water. Particularly when we throw a dummy in the water for him to fetch. There's a horrible water scene in Lonesome Dove. The crew has to cross a river. The cattle stir up water moccasins. A poor red-headed Irish boy dies. It's far more dramatic than that. You should just go watch the movie.
I'd cry if Gus ever got bitten by water moccasins. Let's not think about that.
He's a great dog. We have a lot of time together now that I'm home. I'd probably be out on the patio with him now (thank you wireless router!) if it weren't so cold outside. I'm really glad we get to hang out so much now. I didn't make time for him before. And I wish I had. He's pretty cool.