Dirty thirty

Nothing says happy 30th birthday than an ugly sweater party! Our good friend Jason turned 30 last month, but the chaos of the holidays had them postpone his party. I'd never been to an ugly sweater party before, and I was SO into it!

Ryan and I spent the entire day scouring the Salvation Army's and Goodwill's within a 20 mile radius. I managed to find a lovely hot pink, lime green, and purple number with a random yarn tie at the neck. But we didn't have any luck for Ryan.

A few hours later Ryan jokingly said he should wear the ugliest sweater of all - an Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt, the archenemies of our Alma mater Iowa State. I thought it was histarical, so we hit up the closest Hawkeye fan we knew. The hosts would appreciate the joke. They went to ISU too. Turns out there wasn't a Hawkeye fan in the house, so it was very well received. The rivalry between the two schools can get a little outta hand.

Everyone gave Jason a little crap about turning 30. Usually in the form of gifts.

The food was fabulous. The company was great. The Wii provided hours of entertainment.

And the "You Ugly" trophy went to Sarah who dazzled in a lovely white beaded number and matching black tights with white polka dots.

Good times were had by all.