Lessons of the day

1. Get cable the day before the State of the Union address.
I know it's my civic duty to be involved in politics, but it's like a revolving door. Watching stuff like the State of the Union is boring. I don't have a good understanding of what they're talking about. But I won't understand unless I start getting interested. And so the cycle progresses. Such is life. Moving on.

2. Don't try to convince yourself seven more minutes of sleep is worth it.
I admit. I'm a snoozer. My alarm is set for 6:05 am. Don't ask me why the :05 because I have no idea. Today I got up at 6:31. My snooze goes off every 7 minutes, which means I hit snooze 3 times. Can't help it. Apparently I have to wake up gradually. Drives Ryan nuts though. And I drive him crazy in plenty of other ways to put him through that. Not sure I can stop though...

3. Attempting to microwave oatmeal in a plastic cup is not a good idea.
We had no food in the house. Well, none that was suitable for lunch anyway. So I relied on my old standby. Instant oatmeal. I'm partial to the cinnamon roll flavor. Normally I microwave it in a Styrofoam cup. But they're just a fuzz too small. Nine times outta ten, the oatmeal bubbles over the top. The plastic cup on the other hand, that sucker's huge in comparison. I got busy searching for a spoon, when I heard the buzzer. Not only did it bubble over, the plastic cup melted leaving it full of disfiguring bumps and crevasses. I took the first bite and pitched it. Mighta been in my head, but all I could taste was plastic. Guess that means I'm having a banana, string cheese, and a Pepsi for lunch. Yum....

Happy Day Before Friday!