Meet Michael: Senior session

It was Hot last Saturday for Michael's senior session. Not just hot... Hot. 101 degrees and humid. Like his older brother said - you sweat just thinking about doing something. But Michael stuck it out like a champ. Just goes to show you how cool he is. Hee hee ho ho! :-)

The weather was no match for us. We had senior photos to take! Very important photos. Once in a lifetime photos, Michael told me. The guy sure knows how to put the pressure on. So we ventured around Swan Lake near Carroll, Iowa for his monumental modeling debut.

I don't know what it is about the men I photograph, but they all make me work really hard to get a good smile. I was pulling out every joke I could come up with, even made fun of myself. And finally it paid off. If Mike knew how handsome he was when he smiled, he'd never stop.

Funny thing is, it sounds like the girls at his high school know. Rumor has it their entire refridgerator is covered with photos of Michael and various girls. Not surprising.

Michael fancies himself a fisherman. Turns out they had to buy a new pole (my husband would correct me with 'rod and reel') for our session because he broke his last one reeling in a massive fish. Or at least that's the tale he told me. ;-)

Thanks so much for putting up with me, Michael! I had a great time. We could have done without the heat... but it was worth it. I can't wait to hear about all the amazing things you're going to at college. In the meantime - enjoy your senior year!