32 wks - 7 mos

It's been nearly two months since I announced the news of our baby boy on this 'lil blog. So I figured an update was due. (Ha! Due... get it? Yeah, pathetic I know.)

Things have continued to go extremely well. I'm 32 weeks, which to most people means 7 months. I'll give a cookie to anyone who can explain to me why the majority of the population goes by 9 months, but doctors go by 40 weeks. Simple math will tell you that's 10 months. But, whatever.

I feel great (knock on wood for me). Well, minus the heartburn. Tums have taken the place of my Dr. Pepper chapstick. I carry them with me in my purse, in my car, at my desk, at home. But it's tolerable. And far less annoying than some pregnancy symptoms.

The occasional well placed jab may make me cringe, but I cherish every single one. He's getting stronger and that's all I ask. When I don't feel him move for awhile, I start to get a little worried. I poke at him until he starts jabbing me again. A small taste of the constant worry and paranoia that lingers in the back of my head.

But the excitement is building as we get closer to finally meeting this little guy. As ready as I think I am, I know he needs to sit tight for awhile longer. And so... we wait. For a few more weeks at least.

Since posts are more fun with photos... here's one of me a couple weeks ago (courtesy of Ryan).

P.S. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks. I've got a session for one of my favorite families, a kids session for two adorable little girls, and engagement sessions for two amazing couples. Which means - lotsa fun posts and pictures in the future!


me said...

yay! (not yay for heartburn).


Becky Meyer :) said...

Horray!! Can't wait til your little guy gets here! :) Have fun with your upcoming photography sessions!

Emm said...

Not to bust your bubble but 42 weeks is still considered term, your not officially medically overdue until 41 weeks :)

We are so excited for you guys, it will be fun!

Tracy Anne said...

Yeah, he's just not allowed to come before 37 weeks. That's my rule. :) And I'm mentally preparing myself for going over my due date knowing most first time pregnancies go long.