Bobbier and Adam: Engagement photos

I met Bobbier my first week of college. Two of my older friends from high school were friends with Bobbier, and so I became a friend by association. That first year was so much fun. There were parties and going swimming at the beach in the middle of the night. We went sledding on the cross country course with baking sheets a friend "borrowed" from the cafeteria. In the wee hours of the morning we decided to crimp our hair. Oohh yes. That's right, internet. Straight from the 80s.

Fast forward. The next year Bobbier and I got an apartment with two other girls and even more good times followed. Bobbier graduated that year and went off to law school. Thanks to email we kept in touch. And there was the occasional visit to tailgate at a football game. At one point she went to a wedding for a friend and afterward kept talking about this guy, Adam.

Turns out Adam had lived in the same dorm at Iowa State. Bobbier remembered seeing Adam around the dorms and in the cafeteria. But the two never actually met. Wasn't long after getting reacquainted at the wedding they started dating. And it didn't take me long to realize Adam was perfect for her. He gave her a diamond and made it official. They are planning a wedding on September 25, and I can't wait.

Hopefully the weather cooperates a little better on their wedding day than it did for their engagement photos. I can handle clouds. And we even tolerated a few sprinkles. Thankfully, we got some good shots in before it really started coming down.

Adam suggested the co-op in their small town. Bobbier and I had our doubts at first, but the grain elevator was a gold mine for cool textures and awesome backgrounds.


Amber Feilmeier said...

I love that second photo in front of the wooden doors. Great pic!