DIY Wedding Invites: Part II

I'm having so much fun sharing wedding invitations with you. This is the second of three. I just heart invitations. So I felt like sharing for several reasons. I know brides are always on the look out for ideas. And since I assume some of you are in fact brides I thought you might appreciate another idea source. And I'll give you my two-cents, just for fun.

Plus, there's a chance some of you out there are obsessed with paper and stationary like I am. In which case, you'll enjoy a little invitation eye candy.

What I love about invitations is how different they are. It's all about making your day a reflection of the couple. And so... here's number two from Kady and Brian. You can't see it in the photo, but the envelope is a really cool metallic silver.

There's isn't a 'traditional' hand made invite. Kady did her creating on the computer instead of cutting, punching, and gluing. Same amount of freedom, just a different method of implementation.

Kady has a strong design background. Matter of fact, she was a designer at a newspaper when we met. She has since taken her design full-time and started her own business called Wishful Thinking Designs. So for all you brides, if you like what you see check out her website!

So needless to say I new their invitation would be focused on graphics rather than the 'scrapbook' approach.

*Note: the RSVP card didn't make it in the photo. It fell out of the envelope, and I didn't see it until after I'd taken the pictures.

The design is simple and very beautiful. The lines are clean and the fonts are classy and elegant. I wouldn't expect anything less from Kady. Not only did they get exactly what they wanted, but they were able to incorporate Kady's passion into the wedding as well.

It's those little things that make the day yours.