DIY Wedding Invites: Part III

A little more wedding invite fun on the blog. This is the last in a three part series where I decided to show you three invitations we received recently. I've gone on and on about my love for all things paper and stationary related in the previous two posts. Since you're all well aware that I'm obsessed... I won't make you hear it again.

Instead we'll skip right to the last invitation - Allison and Terry. They're getting married in October. Their invite is the most formal of the three, again setting the stage for their big day. A gorgeous chocolate brown envelope with a hint of metallic gold started things off right.

Inside was a second envelope - a sign of a more formal invitation - sealed with a gold sticker embossed with their monogram "M".

The invite was printed on a beautiful gold and copper colored paper that reminded me of fall leaves.

The third panel was a pocket that held a card with the important information as well as the RSVP card - both printed in chocolate brown.

I really love personalized weddings when the couple infuse as much of themselves into the day as possible. And it all starts with the invitation. These invites are all so different, and yet absolutely perfect for the couples they're designed to celebrate. I absolutely ADORE it when couples send me the invitation to the wedding I'll be shooting. Not that they're "inviting me" to the wedding necessarily (although that happens frequently too). It gives me a sense of what their big day will be like which allows me to brainstorm photo options.

Do me a favor? Leave me a comment and let me know if you felt these posts were helpful, entertaining, or just plain boring. This way I'll know whether or not I should do stuff like this in the future. -Thanks!


Amber Feilmeier said...

Tracy- I loved reading about these invites and looking at the pics, as I do with all of your posts. And I'm grateful that you post on facebook when you have a new blog post! Keep it up!

Tracy Anne said...

THANKS for your comment, Amber! Sometimes I feel like I'm writing to cyber-nothingness b/c no one comments. It's good to know there's someone out there. :-)

Stefany said...

I LOVE that you blogged about these invitations! Sometimes, I wish we could get married again just so that I could redesign and recreate all the fun stuff like invitations, programs, centerpieces, etc. Don't think my husband will go for that. :)

Love your blog, Tracy!