Mike and DeAnne: Engagement photos

Mike worked in Des Moines and had fun playing and hunting with his yellow lab, Tess. DeAnne spent her days studying vetrinarian medicine at Iowa State in Ames.

Life is unexpected. Just when you think you've got it figured out. It changes. And sometimes, it changes for the better.

A cross your fingers chance turned into a lifetime. After they met online, Mike and DeAnne realized they had mutual friends in common. They had just barely missed seeing each other on a couple different occasions. Fast forward to July and the two will be married in Dubuque, Iowa.

'Close calls' like this warm my heart. Ryan and I *almost* met several times before we were actually introduced.

I also love it when past clients come back. *Still working on a different word for client; I think I'm close.* Mike works for the Iowa Motor Truck Association. I photographed their Truck Driving Championships and their Management Conference. When Mike called asking about engagement photos - in the snow - I said yes please!

Considering they also wanted a few indoor shots, we brainstormed locations. Mike contacted the Tournament Club of Iowa in Polk City. The club house gorgeous. And the staff was so accomodating. I'll definitely keep that place in mind for the future!

And so, without any more delay... Mike and DeAnne. Enjoy!