Rock stars

I've expressed my distaste for the term "client" before. It makes me cringe. Client makes me think of suits and ties, meetings, and deadlines. Uggg! And that is NOT me or my photography.

So I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something else I can use instead. Friend is way over used thanks to Facebook. Not that I'm complaining. You're talking to a Facebook junkie.

The synonym function in Word has been my best friend. Customer, buyer, purchaser, shopper... all about as interesting as client. Pal, buddy, acquaintance, companion, comrade. All synonyms of friend and too cheesy for my taste.

I pondered using 'models' for half a second.

It surprised me. How difficult it was to come up with an alternative I mean. I consider myself pretty good with words, so it was frustrating. Never would have thought I'd get an idea off a card.

I've also mentioned how much I enjoy stationary. Kind of obsessed, actually. I was looking for a thank-you and one jumped out at me. "You're a rock star."

I call people rock stars all the time. Bring me coffee... and you're a rock star. Do the laundry for me... and you're a rock star. You get the idea.

And my clients - they are definitely rock stars! They let me do something I love every day. But a part of me is afraid of what it implies about my photography. Edgy, hard images. And sometimes my photos aren't that at all.

What do you think? Would you want to be called a 'rock star'?