This post is going to be really... random. It's just that I've been so inspired lately! By really random things.

Oh, life is good. For a lot of reasons. It's getting warmer! Last week it was 67 degrees. Yeah, that's right. 67 degrees. In Iowa. In FEBRUARY! And March is right around the corner. Needless to say the warm temps have my trigger finger itchin'. Cold winter months can be realllly long for a photographer without a studio.

My cousins benefit a couple weeks ago really put things in perspective. I've always felt very lucky to have been blessed with a terrific family. And it expanded when I married Ryan. But it was indescribable to watch them come together in support of my (second) cousin and his family. Not to mention I've been thinking a lot about my first cousin - Xavier's mom. I've been trying to wrap my brain around what it would be like to watch your baby go through chemo and bone marrow tests and spinal taps on a regular basis. I've only been a mom for six months, and my heart just aches for her. Because I cannot even imagine... or maybe I don't want to. The biggest 'problems' in my life right now are merely pebbles compared to the boulder their family is trying to move right now.

I continue to be inspired by the members of the Iowa photographers Facebook group. I joined less than a month ago. I appreciate the friends I've made, the things I've learned, the discussions we've had, and the things we've shared. The support I feel from that group is incredible, which is uncommon among a group of people many would consider 'the competition'. The members of the group make me question the way I do things, offer ways to improve my current work flow, and provide unparalleled support. It's truly an honor to be in their company.

I am in love with my life. Completely, positively, surrounded by love. And it's a good feeling. I have a great husband. I'm not exaggerating. He loves me despite my indecisiveness, puts up with my OCD, and even does the laundry once in awhile. I am falling more in love with my son every day. I watch in wonder as he discovers new things and experiences everything for the first time. I live for his giggles and cherish the rare seconds he wants to cuddle. I'm trying desperately to hold onto them but try as you might it's impossible to hold onto the past and look forward to the future at the same time.

Catching up on photography blogs. And wedding blogs. There are a lot of great things happening industry wide. the ideas and creativity has me really excited for wedding season. The first one in NINE days!
Life. Is. Good.