The top of my blog is prime real estate. The crème de la crème. The big kahuna. Like the newspaper article “above the fold,” it’s always the first thing you see. It’s always the hottest news. A two second glimpse into the single biggest event of the day/week, depending on the publication schedule (or lack there of as in the case of this little blog.)

I like seeing good posts at the top of my blog. Happy posts. Fun posts. Maybe even more than I liked seeing my articles above the fold back in my days of being a reporter. So naturally I try not to let semi-downer posts hang out in that coveted top spot for long. It’s bad karma.

So today I’m looking for something positive. Something warm and fuzzy. Something that makes you smile…

“You.” Ha! Here I am talking as if there are actually people out there who read my crazy ramblings. Question - What is the appropriate verb here anyway? Writing? Blogging? Because I’m certainly not talking. Although the co-workers in my cubie pod would get a good chuckle if I was saying this out loud.

Anywho – moving on. I just realized I use a lot of odd phrases. “Anywho” for instance. And my car pool buddies tell me I say “by the by” instead of “by the way.” I’m going to write a book about our car pool adventures. It will be a best seller.

It drives Ryan crazy when I leave the “st” off “against”. I’ve found I say “indeed” a lot at work. “Whatever dude” is used to sarcastically disagree with someone. “Your mom” is something Ryan and I say in a poor attempt at a rebuttal. It’s sheer nonsense my friend!

There I go again. Not only assuming people read this but to go so far as to call you my friends? I don’t even know your name…Yet.

I would. If you comment. I would like that. Then I won’t feel like I’m talking (there’s that word again!) to cyber nothing-ness.

Hmmm… anyone smiling? Anyone?

Random thought. Would it be horrible if I emailed my Christmas letter this year? Think of the trees I would save! And printer ink. And stamps. And my time. Sure a mass email is impersonal… but answer me this – how is mass printing and sending the same letter via snail mail any more personal?

It’s a tough question. One further compounded by the fact that I like sending our Christmas letter. I enjoy pouring over whether to close with “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”. I actually like addressing envelopes by hand. One year I even printed the letter on plain white paper and drew a string of Christmas lights on every single one by hand with my multi-colored Sharpies.

What’s that you say?

I’m crazy?

Yeah, well…. your mom!


Anonymous said...

Having my office at a tree nursery, my response to you thinking about sending the christmas letter out by e-mail, send it on paper. Trees are a fairly quickly replenished renewable resource. Use less oil, fuel, etc. Squeezing dead animals into oil takes longer and is harder. Growing trees help the environment more than old dead ones. Use them, we'll plant more.

Your husband, Ryan

Tracy Anne said...

how very un-conservationalist of you my dear husband...

Anonymous said...

On "Young and the Restless" the other day, Jack used the phrase, "by the by." First time I have ever heard anyone say that, but it made me think of you. Tell your friends who make fun of you to "take that!"