White morning

It started last night. Big chubby snowflakes. I love winter. The first snow especially. I love the way it drapes everything in a fluffy white hug. I love that the entire landscape looks pristine, untouched. I was thrilled when I woke up to white this morning. It must have snowed all night. And so far it has kept up all morning. If I'm lucky we'll get another two inches. I snapped a few photos when I went out to shovel the driveway.

The tree formerly known as our neighbors, until it fell into our backyard.

Our privacy fence.

The tree in our front yard. See what I mean by pristine...

Since it snowed all night, I worked on a couple of projects that I thought of yesterday at Memory Bound, a scrapbooking store in Ankeny. I always come up with (or "borrow") the coolest ideas after a visit to Memory Bound.
I made this cute little calendar out of two coasters. I have no idea where I'm going to put it yet... but it was fun to make.

A throw back to the metal lunch box days... I decorated this similar tin box with cooking themed scrapbook paper to transform it into a receipe box.

And now I'm off to make Christmas cookies... Happy Sunday!


Stefany said...

The calendar and recipe box are even cuter than I imagined when you were telling me about your ideas. Good job!

Thanks for watching Canon the other day, too. I got a lot more done than I would have if you hadn't been there to help with him.

Roxie said...

Nothing like starting off the holiday season with a little "white".