Ready or not... it's coming

Christmas is on its way. Wanna know how I know? I watched the Grinch steal it last night.

For a half an hour I was transformed into a little kid, sitting on my parents gold and brown couch watching the evil Grinch tip toe into Whoville and carry away the Who’s stockings and presents. I was horrified as the Grinch stuffed the Christmas tree up the chimney after telling little Cindy Lou Who he was going to fix a light bulb. I wanted to yell at the TV. What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing to do!

But I got my redemption when the Grinch still heard singing on Christmas morning despite his evil ways. I may have even hummed along, but you have no proof of that.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always watched the Grinch – the cartoon version of course. And I’ll watch Rudolph run away with Hermey the elf to the Isle of Misfit Toys only to become heroes for taming the abominable snowman and leading Santa’s sleigh. I always liked Hermey. Maybe because we have a kinship. When I was in high school everyone tried convincing me to become everything but a writer. But I'm not bitter. Wait. What’s that…a little middle child syndrome you say?

Anywho. Moving on.

Without a doubt “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is by far my favorite Christmas movie. Of the three it’s always the one they show closest to the holiday... Even the TV programming people know you always save the best for last.

It’s amazing that I still cling to moments that happened so many years ago. I’d call them traditions but there was no grand hurrah, no big announcement. Honestly, it was probably the only thing to watch considering we only had five channels. But even now, it’s never really Christmas until I know the Who’s get to eat their roast beast and Charlie Brown’s tree is decorated.

With every Christmas movie I watch I get infused with a little more holiday cheer. So far we've watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life (a classic that soars above cartoon territory), and of course The Grinch.

Tomorrow Rudolph. Next week Charlie Brown. Christmas here I come!


Roxie said...

Charlie Brown is by far my favorite too! :)