Our tradition

Christmas is known for its traditions. The year Ryan and I got married we bought a Christmas ornament to celebrate... getting Gus (our yellow lab). I know, I know. Why not an ornament to commemorate starting our life together? But when we found this yellow lab we just couldn't pass it up. And as it turns out Ryan's sister took care of the wedding ornament for us.

The following year we decided to get another ornament. I really liked this set of three. They represent everything one can hope for in a year. These are 2006.

After that, buying an ornament every year became our tradition. We brought this star home in 2007. It was the year we bought our house. Hallmark came out with a "first home" ornament but I couldn't sell Ryan on a $20 ornament.

I'm not sure what we'll end up with this year. We're trying to find a fire truck as this was the year Ryan finished building his wildland fire engine. But so far we've come up empty handed.
Maybe this year we'll buy a new tree instead... I bought this one with my roommate seven years ago during my sophomore year of collage for $15. The first year we decorated it with blue and silver ornaments and ribbon provided by our roommate who worked at a floral shop.

All of the branches will be bare and the needles will have fallen off before I get rid of our little tree. It's a tradition.
Tracy Anne Photography