After seven months, the basement is FINISHED! Well, almost. One wall in the family room needs trim and my scrapbooking room needs a floor and trim. But for all intents and purposes it's so close I'm calling it. Done.

It all started in June when we had this....

Twice. Ahhh, that was fun. The water was followed by mold... which of course had to be taken out.

There was only 3-5 inches of water but we took the bottom 2 feet just to be safe. And so began the taping, mudding, sanding, texturing and more sanding.

After which came painting. Ryan opted to match the current paint in the family room. I was afraid it wouldn't match since the old paint has probably faded. So Saturday we went to Home Depot. We walked out with a can of "Garden Wall" and it appears to match perfectly!
(I bought a light bluish green - "Herbal Mist" if you will - for my scrapbooking room. But as I said before it's not quite finished yet. So you'll have to wait on pictures of that.)
The next day we crossed our fingers. Ryan's sister and brother-in-law came up to help us re-install the floor. I was hopeful. Our brother-in-law (the architect) was not. Thankfully, he was the one surprised.

Some four hours later the floor was in place. They (Ryan and Tom) were even able to close a few of the gaps that existed previously.

Ryan and I put up the trim after the Wolbers had gone home. It went fairly well, although it never lines up as well the second time. I think it's because the water made the wood swell/shrink. But... what do I know?
Doesn't matter. It's done. :-)
Tracy Anne Photography


Emm said...

congrats! We are finishing our fence this week and then on to the floors. Water sucks!

Stefany said...

Congrats on "finishing" the basement! The pictures look nice. We'll have to see it in person soon!