A round of the Twelve Days of Christmas led by Aunt Julie.

Little baby Luke with the quilt made by great-grandma Korwes.

As the afternoon went on we started to hear about freezing rain. A few left early to try to beat the weather. They called no more than a half an hour later to say they decided to turn around. The roads were extremely slippery.

Ryan and I weren't planning on leaving until Friday anyway. But his two sisters and their families had intended to go home. Plans changed and everyone ended up at Ryan's parents for a big slumber party. The kids had a great time playing with their new toys. And the bigger kids played a few rousing games of left-right-center and a couple hands of poker.

Calvin read to Aunt Michele for a little while before bed.

We had a great Christmas. It was great to see all of the extended family. We're fortunate enough to see many of them throughout the year, but it's always nice to the whole crew together.
I ate far too much - although that's typical in Jane's house. I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law, but sometimes I wish she wasn't such a good cook. Uggg, that means a few extra miles on the treadmill this week.

And we found our annual ornament...

Hope you all had a terrific Christmas...
Tracy Anne Photography