Wedding moments: Brian & Kelly

He used to tickle me until I peed my pants. We used to build tree houses by the pond and created forts out of a sheet draped over the furniture. He scared away the bullies at school and refused to give me a ride because it wasn't cool to be seen with your little sister. My freshman year his friends became my friends so we ended up hanging out more. By college he wasn't just my brother, but a friend. He came to save me when the tires almost fell off my car. When I turned 21 he came to Ames and celebrated with me. Despite the taunting, teasing and torture... I have to admit he's been a pretty good big brother.
And it got even better when he brought Kelly into our lives some three or four years ago. She is so sweet and quite possibly the most genuine person I've ever met. She is a welcomed a edition to our family.
Brian and Kelly were married at Pinicon Ridge Park in Central City. November is a tricky month in Iowa. You have to plan for a sunny, 75 degree day and the possibility of an ice storm. Over the weekend the air was crisp with a hint of fall. It couldn't have been more perfect for a wedding.

Brian and Kelly - Thank you. I'm so honored you asked me to take your photos. I hope they remind you of the laughter and love from your wedding for years to come. Enjoy...

*Side note - I downloaded the photos in order but they didn't post that way. So the last photo in the post is actually first.


Anonymous said...

Dunno where my comment went from previous, but Kelly made a beautiful bride and we love her and always will. The Conrads!

Tracy Anne said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know your comment is just down a little further. Look for the next set of dashed lines and you'll find it. :)