Memory lane

After finishing the Dam to Dam 5K and wandering around the downtown Farmers Market for awhile I desperately wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon outside. But I sat down at the computer to do something instead. I can't even remember what it was; I got side tracked.

I started looking through my old photos. Four years worth of photos. I got lost in work picnics, weddings, vacations, parties and every day life of the past. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

For your sake I hope I don't get around to looking through my old scrapbooks. We have a scanner now and you might be inundated with really old pictures. Although the perms my mom used to make me get are reason enough to avoid posting anything too old.

The Nadas Concert - Arnolds Park: Summer 2005
I saw The Nadas for the first time my freshman year of college. A friend drug me to a concert on campus under the Campanile. I loved it. And the lead singer, Mike Butterworth. Fast forward five years, and I'm working for the newspaper in Okoboji. Turns out Mike grew up in Spirit Lake. I got to interview him for a preview article and cover the concert. Fun times.

The Pier at Arnolds Park: September 2007
This is THE bench where Ryan proposed January 2005.