Hauling wagons

For Ryan's Grandpa Wayne.

Goodbyes are hard. You never know what to say. You end up twiddling your thumbs or twisting your hair. They're just awkward. Goodbyes are so much harder when it's forever. There are tears and a fear of the unknown. What will life be like without such an amazing person in it? How can your world function with such an important piece missing? It's like trying to pull the wagon of your life with out the hitch pin.
As you realize your future won't be the same you cling to the past. You struggle to remember everything. Every single detail. Practicing casting fishing poles in the front yard and using his big t-shirt for pajamas when you sleep over. When he came to check the garden and take you for a ride. Buying you a train for Christmas. Tasting his home made ice cream and barbequed chicken. Teaching you to play black jack.
The memories come rushing back. All at once. Little by little. A smile creeps across your face. He'll always share a part of your future, because he has helped shape your life. He's filled up your wagon with happiness, laughter and love. He is woven into every detail, every memory. And you'll haul him everywhere.