Engagement: Jen & Andy

At 9 am this morning I was excited. It was about 65 and partly sunny. Perfect for the engagement photos I had scheduled with Jen and Andy. By 4 pm that excitement deflated when the radar showed rain. Ugg! We'd already had to reschedule twice, and now we were going to get rained out.

But lo and behold! No more than a half an hour later the rain quit and the clouds started to break up. We met at the Des Moines Art Center. I'd only been once before and didn't see much of the grounds. It was fantastic!

As were the models. Jen and Andy joked about not being the "picture" kind but they were awesome. I had so much fun with them. They laugh. They joke. They tease. They were naturals.

Jen and Andy - Glad you didn't melt! Can't wait for your Aug 29 wedding! Hope you enjoy...


Stefany said...

Beautiful pictures as always! Remind me... we need you to take some pictures of Canon for his first birthday and would probably like to do a family photo at the same time. I'd like to wait till late July, early August to have them taken. Let me know what your schedule is like and we'll get an appointment set up with you.